Saturday, April 21, 2012

Thursday, April 12, 2012

How to Ride in the Rain

Riding in the rain has changed my life. Rainy nights used to fill me with anxiety; "How will I get to work?" The sound of rain filled me with nervousness over the bus schedule, fear of riding on slick roads, and dread of a soggy arrival to work. Installing fenders solved the wet streets problem in that front and rear fenders prevent any/all spray associated with street cleaning (revolting splash-back) and recent rain storms. Similarly, my Bean Boots helped and my Patagonia shell has always been in action. But my recent purchase of rain pants has pushed me over the edge to happy, dry, anxiety-free riding in the rain.

It absolutely POURED last night; the kind of rain that wakes you up. But I peacefully drifted back to sleep, knowing that no mater what, I could ride to work. Halleluja. See my tips for how to making riding in the rain work for you here.
Before and after. Rain gear makes it work.