Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Riding with Style

I guest blogged for Tomboystyle yesterday. Lizzie's grids are legendary - and expensive - so it was a joy to create this bike commuting grid with her. See the complete grid here.

Yes, you can. You can be a tomboy, ride bikes, and still look (vaguely) feminine.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

LTD Defender

May have to buy this one day. Not as sexy as "old" Defenders, but this one gets to 60 in 10.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mermaid Flask

If only I enjoyed drinking booze while no one was looking . . .
Mermaid flask; made for the urban mermaid!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Outstanding in the Fields

Outstanding in the Fields just released their 2012 California schedule. I've been to three dinners, each one better than the last.

I took this photo at one of their dinners on the California coast last year. I ran into a dear friend, learned about what it's like to be fireman, finally sampled the chef of Flour+Water's food and pet his pet potbelly pig, Kona, and warmed myself by the gigante bonfire post dinner. It was a grand San Francisco experience.

This is the site for the dinner we went to on Kauai this year.
OITF dinners are more expensive every year, the operation is now more global than local, and while I admire the mission, business, and team the founder has built, I find him aloof and incredibly irritating. In contrast, I have huge respect for his business partner who seems to slog it out behind the scenes while he makes patterns in the sand. Given the arrogant founder and overpriced dinner, you think I'd be over it. But the settings, food, wine, farmers (who teach you things!), patrons (diverse! interesting!), and vibe that pulses with gratitude, I'm ready for another. Tickets go on sale March 20; get ready for a 1990's Internet experience.*

*In 2010, people went so bananas for OITF tickets that the site crashed. Caraca!